Major in Theology and Religious Studies

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • articulate how religion, theology, and spirituality underlie and correlate with a broad range of human experience
  • articulate the particularities of various faith traditions (including creedal vision, moral teachings, historical context, social expression, and key rites and symbols) in the context of the plurality of world religious traditions, as encouraged by Vatican II's stance on the Catholic Church's relationship with other faiths
  • articulate how religious traditions work for social justice and the good of the entire human family as well as the environment that sustains it
  • employ knowledge of academic methods and practices characteristic of the study of theology and/or religion, including the different contributions of textual, historical, social, and interdisciplinary studies


40 units

Gateway Courses (12 units)

  • First-Year seminar that qualifies for D-2 Core (THRS 195)
    Any D-2 Core course
  • THRS Core D-3 Ethics course
  • THRS 101 Methods and Theories in THRS

Elective Courses (24 units)

Choose 6 elective courses within one of the thematic areas:

  • Christianity
  • Religion, Ethics, and Social Justice
  • Global Religions and Theologies
  • Asian Religions


  • THRS 104 Mystery of God: Human Person
  • THRS 104 Mystery of God: Christian Mysticism
  • THRS 143 History of Christianity
  • THRS 220 Catholic Social Thought
  • THRS 335 What is Catholicism?
  • THRS 201 Catholic Thought
  • THRS 308 Who is Jesus?
  • THRS 195 Transcendence in Film and Fiction
  • THRS 322 Liberation Theology
  • THRS 398 Lonergan’s Political Theology
  • THRS 106 Sacred Scripture
  • THRS 202 Portraits of Christ
  • THRS 320 Religion and Culture in Late Antiquity
  • THRS 341-344 Contemplative Christian Practice I-IV (2 units each)

Religion, Society, and Ethics

  • THRS 327 Social Justice, Activism, and Jews
  • THRS 350 Social Justice and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • THRS 280 Migrant and Diaspora Religion: Islam in America
  • THRS 326 Holocaust and Genocide
  • THRS 329 Contemporary Political Prophets
  • THRS 361 Religion and the Environment
  • THRS 390 Rel. Ethics: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Film and Lit
  • THRS 195 Religion and Immigration
  • THRS 384 Religion and Nonviolence
  • THRS 395 Race and Religion
  • THRS 397 Community Internships
  • THRS 404 Environmental Ethics
  • THRS 262 Homosexuality and the Bible
  • THRS/HS 301 Death and Dying
  • THRS 332 Society and Religion
  • THRS 340 Panamerican Saints: Hagio/Pols
  • THRS 390 Rel. Ethics: Islamic Feminist Ethics
  • THRS 390 Rel Ethics: The Good Life
  • INTD 328 Pre-Travel Course for Zambia Today (2 units)

Global Religions and Theologies

  • THRS 372 Jewish—Christian Relationship
  • THRS 373 Introduction to Islam
  • THRS 000 Jewish and Islamic Mysticism
  • THRS 195/376 Jews, Judaisms, and Jewish Identities
  • THRS 210 Intro to the Qur’an
  • THRS 333 Islam in the Modern and Contemporary World
  • THRS 345 Religion of US Latin@s
  • THRS 388 Religion, Psychology, and Modern Literature
  • THRS 395 Sacred Quest: Intro to Non-Western Religions
  • THRS 325 Modern Jewish Thought
  • THRS 363 Religion in Latin America
  • THRS 365 Religion and Globalization
  • THRS 360 Sacred Space and Place
  • THRS 270 African Theologies and Cosmologies
  • THRS 305 Feminist Theology from the Third Worlds
  • THRS 306 Theology in HIV/AIDS Contexts
  • THRS 315 Greek and Roman Religion
  • THRS 395 Religion and Health

Asian Religions

  • THRS 371 Hinduism
  • THRS 367 Intro to Buddhism
  • THRS 367 Intro to Buddhism: Dalai Lama
  • THRS 381 Himalayan Religions and Cultures
  • THRS 355 Philippine Theology and Revolutions
  • THRS 368 Japanese Religions and Society
  • THRS 370 Zen Buddhism
  • THRS 360 Religion and Spirituality in Asia
  • THRS 307 Pre-Travel Course for Exploring the Buddhist Himalaya in India
  • THRS 379 Buddhist Path in Asian and North America
  • THRS 195 Fr. Sem: Voice Memory and Landscape

Capstone Seminar (4 units)

Once students have completed their prerequisites and at least two-thirds of their electives, they will be eligible to enroll in the Capstone seminar. The seminar rotates among THRS full-time faculty every spring semester. In collaboration with the professor overseeing the Capstone seminar, each student must complete a theses of about 25 pages, under the direction of a faculty member best qualified to oversee the research interests of the student.

As part of the Capstone seminar grade, at the end of each academic year students give a public defense of their Capstone thesis with a panel of no less than three department faculty members. The panel consists of the Capstone seminar professor, the research adviser, and a third reader selected from the department faculty.

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