Minor in Astronomy

The Minor in Astronomy requires completion of 20 units of Physics and Astronomy courses


20 units

Required (12 units)

  • PHYS 120 Astronomy: From the Earth to the Cosmos
  • PHYS 121 Planetary Astronomy
  • PHYS 122 The Geometry of the Cosmos: Einstein, Black Holes, and the Big Bang

Astronomy core courses are supplemented by observing nights that offer direct exposure to observational techniques, using the telescopes and other high-quality instruments in the Fromm observatory.

Electives (8 units)

  • PHYS 100 Introductory Physics I
  • PHYS 101 Introductory Physics II
  • PHYS 110 General Physics I
  • PHYS 130 Concepts in Physics
  • PHYS 135 Masterpiece Physics
  • PHYS 195 First Year Seminar: The Extreme Universe
  • PHYS 201 Physics by Inquiry
  • PHYS 210 General Physics II
  • PHYS 221 Ancient Astronomy

The elective courses provide a deeper insight into the physical basis of contemporary astronomy as grounded in the universal laws of nature. The most appropriate combination of courses from this menu will be selected in consultation with an adviser, depending on background and interests.