Minor in Music

The Music Minor is open to all students. No previous experience in music is required, and the minor is compatible with any major course of study.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • analyze musical trends, works, and methodologies within their socio-historical context
  • apply musical skills in performing, teaching, composing, writing, or presenting
  • understand and articulate how music is integral to a humane and just society


20 units


  • MUS 101 Music Appreciation
    MUS 301 History of Western Art Music
  • MUS 100 Musicianship and Principles of Tonal Theory
    MUS 300 Music Theory I
  • MUS 180 Music and Social History

Electives (8 units)

Electives can be taken as surveys (Music 200-level), theory/comp (Music 300-level), ensembles (110 series) or private lessons (120-series). Students can mix different types of classes to fulfill the total elective units, but private lessons must be taken in 2-semester blocks. Many music minors participate in at least one year's worth of lessons.

Music 110-series vocal ensembles:

  • MUS 110-01 USF Classical Choral Ensembles
  • MUS 110-02 Gospel Choir
  • MUS 110-03 ASUSF Voices
  • MUS 110-04/05 St. Ignatius Choirs

Music 111-series Instrumental Ensembles

  • MUS 111-01 Jazz Ensemble
  • MUS 111-02 Conjunto Folklorico ULAM
  • MUS 111-03 USF Dons Marching Band
  • MUS 111-04 Chamber Music Ensemble
  • MUS 111-05 Electric Sound

Music 120-series lessons

  • MUS 120 Voice Lessons
  • MUS 121 Guitar Lessons
  • MUS 122 Piano Lessons
  • MUS 123 Violin and Viola Lessons
  • MUS 124 Flute, Oboe and Piccolo Lessons

Cultural Studies

  • MUS 195 Symphonic Music in San Francisco
  • MUS 195 Opera in San Francisco
  • MUS 200 Studies in Popular Music
  • MUS 202 Jazz, Culture and Social Justice
  • MUS 203 Music and Social Protest
  • MUS 210 Music of the Americas
  • MUS 211 Asian Musical Cultures
  • MUS 212 Survey of African Music
  • MUS 230 Introduction to Opera
  • MUS 231 Women's Music
  • MUS 301 History of Western Art Music
  • MUS 305 Anthropology of Music
  • MUS 314 Jazz and Blues Theory (2)
  • MUS 390 Special Topics in Western Art Music

Note: Music Minors must pass all courses to be counted for the Minor, including the electives, with a grade of C- (1.7) or better. If a student receives a lower grade in one of the courses, the student must repeat the course until a grade of at least C- is earned.