Minor in Spanish Studies

This selection of courses will enhance the individual student's major, while honing their Spanish language skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • express information and opinions verbally in consistent, effective, and clear Spanish
  • write in Spanish using the disciplinary conventions and methodologies of literary and cultural analysis
  • comprehend oral discourse produced by native speakers of Spanish
  • appreciate the linguistic, ethnic, racial, religious, cultural and social diversity of Latin America, Spain and Latina/o and Hispanic communities within the US


Lower-division courses (Spanish 100, 101, 102, 201) serve as a prerequisite but do not count toward the units necessary for the Minor.


20 units

Lower-division (8 units)

  • SPAN 202 Fourth Semester Spanish
  • SPAN 206 Confluences and Conflicts in the Spanish-speaking World
  • SPAN 222 Spanish for Bilinguals II

To continue with the next level of any language course, or even to enter Upper Division after Fourth Semester, students must receive a final grade of 70% or higher.

Upper-division (12 units)

Literary and Cultural Studies (2 courses)

  • SPAN 331 Introduction to the Analysis of Literary Texts
  • SPAN 333 Subversive Feminine Enjoyment in Latin American, Hispanic and Latino Film and Literature
  • SPAN 335 20th Century Spanish American Literature
  • SPAN 336 Feminist Discourse and Feminist Theories in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 337 Love and Sex, Vengeance and Death: Honor in Early Spain
  • SPAN 338 The Invention of Spain: A Metamorphosis of the Modern
  • SPAN 340 The Word and the Image: Intersections between Photography and Literature in the Spanish Speaking World
  • SPAN 346 Evil in Latin American, Hispanic and Latino Literature: From the Caudillo to the Drug Dealer
  • SPAN 355 Cultural Studies of Spain
  • SPAN 360 Studies in Latin American Culture
  • SPAN 375 Literature of the US-Mexico Borderlands

Elective (1 course)

  • SPAN 219 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
  • SPAN 220 Spanish Conversation for Specific Discipline
  • SPAN 225 Spanish and Spanish Speakers in the U.S., California and San Francisco
  • SPAN 226 Introduction to Spanish Translation
  • SPAN 255 Small, Round and Juicy: The Modern Hispanic Short Story
  • SPAN 301 Building Bridges: ESL in the Spanish Speaking community
  • SPAN 311 Advanced Oral and Written Expression
  • SPAN 312 Spanish Phonetics
  • SPAN 317 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN 325 Language and Culture in Latin America
  • SPAN 375 Border and Cultural Studies
  • Courses taken in Study Abroad Programs (pre-approval required)