Major in French Studies

The objective of the French Studies major is to provide oral and written competence in the language and a solid background in the literature and culture of the countries of the French-speaking world.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • acquire a basic understanding of the literary, historical, social, or cultural influences that inform French and Francophone literary works
  • acquire the ability to express themselves in French, and to articulate in writing and discussion their responses to literary texts
  • develop a basic critical ability to identify, interpret, and evaluate the ideas and formal features of an integrated body of literary texts authored in the French language
  • develop a sensitivity to the plurality of meanings within a literary text authored in French


40 units


Lower-division courses

  • FREN 101 First Semester French
  • FREN 102 Second Semester French
  • FREN 201 Third Semester French

Note: Lower division courses 101, 102, 201 do not fulfill the units required for the major or minor.They fulfill the language requirement and prepare the student to continue in French.

Culture Course in English (4 units)

  • FREN 195 French Culture through Cuisine
  • FREN 195 A Season in the Congo
  • FREN 250 Africa Films Africa
  • FREN 260 a.k.a. Africa: Mapping Identities in African Literature and Film
  • FREN 340 French Cinema and Literature
  • FREN 350 Paris-Berlin: Connections and Contrasts at the Turn of the 20th Century

200-level Courses (12 units - 3 courses)

  • FREN 202 Fourth Semester French (required)
  • FREN 255 Diplomatie sans fronti√®res
  • FREN 265 Les Enfants terribles
  • FREN 275 Cultures de France

300-level courses (12 units - 3 courses)

  • FREN 315 Paris: Biographie d'une ville
  • FREN 320 Le plaisir du texte
  • FREN 322 Le bon sens et la folie
  • FREN 324 Guerre et paix
  • FREN 330 Rencontres: L'Afrique francophone
  • FREN 332 Rencontres: Le monde francophone

Electives (4 units)

  • FREN 133 Intermediate French Conversation (2)
  • FREN 312 Finesses de la langue (2)

400-level courses (8 units - 2 courses)

  • FREN 440 Seminar: Special Topics in French Literature and Culture
  • FREN 450 Seminar: Special Topics in Francophone Literature and Culture

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to spend a summer in France or in another French speaking country, or a semester abroad at a French-speaking university.

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