Minor in Journalism

Program Learning Outcomes

Written journalism is the foundation of the minor, although students learn to report for a variety of formats, including multimedia. Students are expected to leave campus and learn the city in their reporting assignments. Students produce stories for audiences and clips for internships and entry-level work. Courses include arts reviewing, feature writing and reporting for audio and video. The minor emphasizes the role of the journalist in a community committed to social justice.


20 units

Core Sequence (12 units)

  • MS 223 Journalism 1: Reporting
  • MS 224 Journalism II: Advanced Reporting
  • MS 420 American Journalism Ethics

Electives (8 units)

  • MS 311 Communication Law and Policy
  • MS 323 Journalism III: Publication Editing and Design
  • MS 325 Journalism III: Feature Writing
  • MS 328 Journalism III: Photojournalism
  • MS 329 Arts Reporting and Reviewing
  • MS 400 Politics and the Media

Contact Info

Department of Media Studies

Mon-Fri, 8a.m.- 4:30p.m.

Kalmanovitz Hall 103 (415) 422-5152