Major in International Studies

Students collaborate closely with their academic advisors to select the functional and area tracks to correspond to their own academic and career interests.

Students are strongly encouraged to complement their major with a study abroad experience in countries where they can apply and expand their foreign language competency and enrich their study of international issues.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • be able to analyze complex international issues using the theories and methodologies of multiple disciplines
  • gain the conceptual and analytical tools to synthesize information from the domains of politics, economics, history, culture, and the environment to elucidate global interactions and international relations in the contemporary world
  • be able to assess contemporary global issues through a research practice that establishes causality and promotes deeper understanding through clear research questions, reviews of academic literature, and delineation of effective methods of inquiry
  • demonstrate an understanding of the major issues and problems facing one region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East) and be able to relate this knowledge to the broader global context
  • gain the knowledge, skills, and service ethic to enable them to function successfully and ethically in the workplace after graduation


Basic Courses (16 units)

  • HIST 300/POLS 300 The World Since 1945
  • POLS 113 Introduction to International Politics
  • ECON 280 The Global Economy
  • ECON 220 Research Methods

Regional Tracks (20 units)

All International Studies majors must complete a 20-credit regional component from among the following existing regional Minors:

Language Requirement (12 units)

Students must fulfill the College's language requirement.

Functional Tracks (16 units)

Choose one of the following functional (disciplinary) tracks:

NOTE: Students may not "double count" elective or required courses within the International Studies major. The major requires the completion of at least nine (9) discrete courses totaling 36 units--twelve (12) units of Basic Courses plus sixteen (16) units of Functional Track courses)

Honors in International Studies

Students may graduate with Honors in the Bachelor's Program in International Studies by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.6 in the major
  • Participation in an academic study abroad program
  • Completing an Honors Thesis with a minimum grade of B
  • Leadership on/off campus through our peer advising system, clubs or organizations or NGO’s

Those graduating students who have fulfilled these requirement may submit a letter of application explaining the study abroad and leadership experience to the Program Chairs by October 15th for December graduation and by February 15th for May graduation. Students will be designated as graduating with Honors in the graduation program and receive an Honors sash for Commencement.