Minor in Urban Agriculture

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • integrate diverse disciplinary perspectives to understand today's complex food systems both dominant and alternative
  • demonstrate an understanding of the food/environmental movement and contribute to various efforts taking place within San Francisco and the Bay Area
  • master advanced skills in organic gardening and urban homesteading and demonstrate ability to grow, harvest, prepare, and preserve food grown in San Francisco
  • demonstrate ability to work collaboratively with others within USF's Garden Project and in community gardens and kitchens across the Bay Area


20 units

Introductory (12 units - 3 courses)

  • ENVA 220 Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • ENVA 230 Urban Agriculture: Fall
  • ENVA 235 Urban Agriculture: Spring

Electives (8 units - 2 courses)

  • ANTH 235 The Anthropology of Food
  • ARCD 370 Construction Innovation lab
  • ARCD 400 Community Design Outreach
  • BUS 304 Management & Organizational Dynamics
  • BUS 389 Advanced Culinary Skills
  • ENGL 235 Literature and the Environment
  • ENVA 245 Community Garden Outreach
  • ENVA 390 Special Topics in Urban Agriculture
  • HIST 341 Feast and Famine: A History of Food
  • MS 301 Green Media

Note: Before declaring the minor, students must meet with a faculty mentor for advising.

Contact Info

Office of Urban Agriculture

Kalmanovitz Hall, 113 (415) 422-6543