Gender and Sexualities Studies

The Gender and Sexualities Studies Minor offers a global, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender and sexualities. The wide variety of courses offered by the minor enables students to analyze gender and sexualities in diverse historical eras, geographical regions, political and legal systems, and racial identities.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our program has two important sets of goals:

  • Conceptually, it aims to develop analytical skills that enable students to understand gender and sexuality as fundamental categories of social, political, and cultural analysis; to build a knowledge base regarding the intersections of race, class, gender, nation, age, and sexuality; and to theorize about the issues of identity and difference at the core of Gender and Sexualities Studies.
  • Pragmatically, it aims to train students for graduate work in areas such as social work, health sciences, the arts, law and management; to position students for jobs that require a background in Gender and Sexualities Studies; and to prepare students for informed political action.


20 units

No more than two courses in the student's major will count toward the minor.


Foundational (8 units - 2 courses)

Students take two foundational courses that underpin the curriculum as a whole. These courses provide the theoretical and historical foundation for the study of gender and sexualities and lay the foundation for the electives. Students are encouraged to complete the foundational courses in the freshman and sophomore years.

Gender Courses (1 course)

  • COMS 337 Rhetorics of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
  • MS 335 Feminist Thought

Sexualities Courses (1 course)

  • HIST 331 History of Sexuality
  • PSYC 331 Psychology of Sexuality
  • SOC 347 Sex and Sexualities

Electives (3 courses)

Choose three courses in at least two of the following categories:


  • Women and Art
  • CLAS 320 Gender and Power in Antiquity
  • Survey of Women's Literature I
  • Survey of Women's Literature II
  • Literature, Gender & Sexualities
  • Feminist Thought
  • Special Topics in Literature and Film
  • GERM 350 Paris-Berlin: Connections and Contrasts at the Turn of the 20th Century
  • HIST 270 Sex and Transgression in the Islamic World
  • Women in United States History
  • History of Sexuality
  • HIST 358 Women in United States History
  • HIST 360 American Women and Political Activism
  • MUS 231 Gender and Music
  • THRS 262 Homosexuality and the Bible
  • THRS 327 Social Justice, Activism and Jews
  • THRS 390 Islamic Feminist Ethics

Social Science

  • MS 335 Feminist Thought
  • MS 405 Gender and the Media
  • POLS 338 Gender and Politics in Comparative Perspective
  • POLS 381 Feminist International Relations
  • Psychology of Sexuality
  • Psychology of Gender
  • Diversity of American Families
  • Gender, Development and Globalization
  • Sociology of Gender
  • U.S. Inequalities and Social Justice
  • Feminism, Gender, and the Body
  • Sex and Sexualities

Natural and Physical Sciences

  • BIOL 330 Female Biology

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Gender and Sexualities Studies

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