Minor in European Studies

The program combines a European language requirement with courses from Politics, History and other departments. Apart from the coursework, the program encourages though does not require students to enroll in a semester abroad program, study tour, or internship program in Europe to acquire experience and knowledge of European society.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the major issues and problems facing Europe and be able to relate this knowledge to a broader global context
  • gain the conceptual and analytical tools to understand how politics, economics, history, and culture shape European national and regional dynamics
  • achieve a mid-level of language proficiency according to ACTFL guidelines in a European language, communicate with native speakers about familiar topics, understand the main idea of texts related to every day life, and write about daily activities


20 units

Required (4 units - 1 course)

  • POLS 357 Politics and Society in Europe
  • BAIS 370 European Lives

Electives (12 units - 4 courses)

Students must complete three courses in Europe-related topics.

  • ART 101 Survey of Western Art History I
    ART 102 Survey of Western Art History II
  • ART 302 Renaissance Art
  • ART 303 Baroque Art
  • ART 305 Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ART 306 Women and Art
  • ECON 306 Economies of Modern Europe
  • ENGL 290 Survey of British Literature and Methods
  • FREN 315 Paris: Biographie d'une ville
  • FREN 322 Le bon sens et la folie
  • FREN 324 Guerre et paix
  • FREN 340 French Cinema and Literature
  • FREN/GERM 350 Paris-Berlin
  • GERM 318 Jewish Literature and Culture in 20th Century Europe
  • GERM 320 German Literature and Culture from 1945 to Today
  • HIST 110 European Civilization
  • HIST 317 Transatlantic Encounters: Europe in the Americas, 1492-1700
  • HIST 318 From Plague to Revolution: Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 319 Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Medieval Europe
  • HIST 322 The Holocaust
  • HIST 327 Modern European Intellectual History
  • HIST 335 History of Modern Germany
  • HIST 338 History of Russia and the Soviet Union
  • POLS 340 Politics and Change in Russia/Neighboring States
  • POLS 343 Politics and Change in East-Central Europe
  • POLS 356 The Vatican in Global Politics
  • POLS 357 Integration of Europe
  • SPAN 338 Love and Sex, Vengeance and Death: Honor in Early Spain
  • SPAN 355 Cultural Studies of Spain
  • SPAN 455 Cultures in Contact and Conflict: Christian, Muslims and Jews in Early Modern Spain

Language Selected (4 units)

Students must demonstrate competence in a modern European language equivalent to four semesters of study at USF.