Classical Studies

The minor in Classical Studies focuses on the relationship between the history, literature, philosophy, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. The interdisciplinary curriculum requires one course and four electives from USF’s History, Philosophy, Performing Arts, and Classical Languages departments.


20 Units


Five of the Following Elective Courses:

  • CLAS 110: Ancient Epic: The Art of War
  • CLAS 120: Classical Mythology
  • CLAS/THRS 315: Greek and Roman Religion
  • THRS 320: Religion and Culture in Late Antiquity
  • CLAS 390: Special Topics
  • GREK 102: Second Semester Greek
  • LATN 102: Language and Power
  • HIST 311: The Classical Mediterranean World
  • HIST 312: The Roman Empire
  • HON 312: Ancient Greece and Rome
  • HON 314: The Origins of Judaism and Christianity
  • SII 100: Greek and Roman Culture and Literature
  • SII 210: Ancient Philosophy