African American Studies

Our program exposes students to the interdisciplinary study of the history, politics, arts, experiences, and intellectual traditions of African Americans. This Minor draws broadly on history, sociology, literature, philosophy, psychology, politics, theology, and the arts.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • The Minor provides opportunities for students to engage in rigorous examinations of social inequality, change, and justice. These conversations are made especially challenging by confronting students with the moral and political demands of social diversity, which include class, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexuality.
  • This educational experience prepares students to responsibly and respectfully engage in our common pursuit of justice.


20 units


Students are required to take one foundational course and two distribution courses.

Foundational Course

  • HIST 125 African American History

Distribution Courses

Choose two of the following:

  • ENGL 203 African American Literature I
  • ENGL 204 African American Literature II
  • PHIL 343 African American Philosophy
  • PSYC 316 African American Psychology
  • SOC 238 African American Culture and Society


Choose two courses.

In addition to the classes below, students may also select additional courses from the distribution course list as electives.

  • ANTH 350 Urban Anthropology
  • BUS 362 Multicultural Marketing
  • ENGL 195 Freshmen Seminar: Survey of African American Lit
  • ENGL 203 African American Literature Survey I
  • ENGL 204 African American Literature Survey II
  • ENGL 400 Writing about Race
  • ENGL 480 African American Arts & Humanity
  • HIST 150 Modern African History
  • HIST 259 Civil Rights Movement in History and Film
  • HIST 340 History of South Africa
  • HIST 342 Environmental History of Africa
  • HIST 343 Pre-Colonial Africa
  • HIST 352 The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 360 American Women and Political Activism
  • HIST 363 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
  • HIST 351 Slavery in US History
  • PHIL 343 African American Philosophy
  • POLS 317 Religion and Politics
  • POLS 320 Urban Politics
  • POLS 336 Race, Equality and the Law
  • POLS 348 Politics and Development in Africa
  • POLS 392-05 From Slavery to Obama
  • POLS 495 Senior Honors Seminar *
  • PSYC 305 Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the U.S.S
  • PSYC 307 Cross Cultural Psychology
  • PSYC 350 African American Psychology
  • SOC 229 Diversity of American Families
  • SOC 240 People of Mixed Descent
  • SOC 304 U.S. Inequalities/Soc Justice
  • SOC 325 Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 360 Cities in a Global Context
  • SOC 410 Sociology Honors Seminar *
  • THRS 280 Islam in America
  • THTR 115 Hip Hop Theater

* with permission from director


not required but recommended

  • BUS 468 Multicultural Marketing Practicum/Capstone
  • ENGL 480 Internship: Black Museum (SL)
  • PSY 396 Psychology Practicum
  • SOC 395 Sociology Fieldwork

Courses may be double-counted and triple-counted for major and USF Core Curriculum requirements.


Extracurricular events and activities will be used to supplement course work in the Minor. The African American Studies Minor committee plans and sponsors a variety of events and activities, including films, speakers, conferences, and off-campus volunteer projects.