Major in History

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • understand the breadth and diversity of human experience across time and space
  • develop a substantive knowledge of range and depth in their area(s) of concentration, whether regional and/or topical-thematic
  • think critically and historically about the past
  • understand and appropriately apply historical research methods
  • craft and present persuasive historical arguments in both oral and written forms
  • understand how the practice of history can establish a valuable framework for considering ethical issues in the past and present


44 units

Lower Division Courses - 4 courses

Survey Courses - choose 1

  • HIST 110: European Civilization
  • HIST 120: History of the U. S
  • HIST 125: African American History
  • HIST 126: Asian American History
  • HIST 127: Women in U.S. History
  • HIST 128: The Ideal of Citizenship

Survey Courses - choose 1

  • HIST 130: East Asian Civilizations
  • HIST 135: Indian Civilizations
  • HIST 140: Latin American Perspectives
  • HIST 150: Modern African History

Methods Courses - choose 2

  • HIST 210: Historical Methods
  • Elective Methods Course (a 2nd 200-level course)

Upper-Division Courses - 6 courses & 1 senior seminar


Choose a regional concentration or a global concentration

Regional concentration

Choose 3 upper-division courses within the concentration and 3 upper-division courses outside the concentration.

  • African
  • Asian
  • European
  • Islamic World
  • Latin America
  • United States History
Global concentration

Choose 6 upper-division courses.

Additional Requirements

Regardless of concentration, all majors must take courses with the following attributes:

  • At least one course 200-level or above that qualifies as pre-modern
  • At least two courses, 200-level or above, outside U.S. and European History

Note: Students may take additional 200-level courses for upper-division credit in consultation with their adviser.

Pre-Modern Courses
  • HIST 270 Sex and Transgression in the Islamic World
  • HIST 310 Ancient Near East
  • HIST 311 The Classical Mediterranean World, 1200 BC to 31 AD
  • HIST 315 Renaissance Europe
  • HIST 316 Religion and Society in Reformation Europe
  • HIST 317 Transatlantic Encounters: Europe in the Americas, 1492-1700
  • HIST 318 From Plague to Revolution: Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 319 Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain
  • HIST 330 Britain to AD 600
  • HIST 343 Precolonial Africa
  • HIST 351 Slavery in US History and Culture
  • HIST 370 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 372 Indigenous and Colonial Mexico
  • HIST 380 Traditional China
  • HIST 388 Islamic Empires
  • HIST 421 UG Seminar: Native Americans in US History
  • HIST 425 UG Seminar: American Revolution

Honors in History

Senior History majors having a 3.5 grade point average (GPA) for twenty-four (24) or more unitsĀ of History courses may elect to prepare, for Honors, a senior thesis under the supervision of a professor in the area of the student's emphasis. In most cases the thesis will be completed in one semester, earning the student four (4) units of credit. Under special circumstances, the thesis may be extended to two semesters and eight (8) units of credit.

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