Major in Economics with International Economics Concentration

Students who select this area may specialize in international economics broadly or focus on a particular area, such as the Pacific Rim or Africa. Internships may be arranged with internationally oriented companies or government agencies to give students work experience and exposure to job opportunities.



  • ECON 370 International Economics
  • ECON 471 International Finance
  • ECON 479 Advanced Topics of International Economics

Electives (8 UNITS)

  • ECON 280 The Global Economy
  • ECON 282 Economies of Modern Europe
  • ECON 283 Economies of Southeast and East Asia
  • ECON 285 Economies of Modern Africa
  • ECON 286 Economies of Latin America
  • ECON 455 Options and Futures
  • ECON 477 International Political Economy
  • BUS 350 International Business
  • BUS 430 International Financial Management

Other units may be taken from related areas such as mathematics and statistics, history, politics, or other offerings at USF's School of Management.

Internship Opportunity

Students may undertake an internship (ECON 396) or complete a research project (ECON 398) in which they demonstrate mastery of a topic in international or development economics. Given the wide range of options available to students in this area, a consultation with a faculty adviser as to the best choice of courses for a particular area of interest is recommended.