Major in Economics with Development Concentration

Within a concentration in development, students are prepared for a variety of careers working with international development agencies or governments in the developing world. A regional emphasis in Latin America, Asia, or Africa may be pursued. Research and field internships will be arranged with development agencies to give students work experience and exposure to job opportunities.

Program Learning Outcomes

In the course of their training, students become acquainted with the principal concerns and issues faced by developing countries-what are the goals, appropriate strategies, and technologies that best fit their unique circumstances and needs?



  • ECON 372 Economic Development
  • ECON 473 Development Microeconomics
    ECON 474 Development Macroeconomics

Electives (8 UNITS)

  • ECON 280 The Global Economy
  • ECON 282 Economies of Modern Europe
  • ECON 283 Economies of Southeast and East Asia
  • ECON 285 Economies of Modern Africa
  • ECON 286 Economies of Latin America
  • ECON 370 International Economics
  • ECON 471 International Finance
  • ECON 476 Natural Resource Economics and Development Policy
  • ECON 477 International Political Economy

Students may select additional courses from related fields such as statistics, sociology, regional politics and history, environmental studies, or from USF's School of Management. Students may undertake an internship (ECON 396) or complete a research project (ECON 398) in which they demonstrate mastery of development economics.