Critical Diversity Studies

The major in Critical Diversity Studies major (CDS) is an interdisciplinary program of study that explores diversity in the United States, addresses the complex histories of our nation, and imagines solutions for the challenges we face.


40 units

Core Courses (20 units)

History (4), Theory (4), Research (4), Arts (4), and a Capstone Course (4)

  • CDS 100 Ideals of Citizenship: History of American People
  • CDS 200 Intersectional Theory
  • CDS 201 Research Methods
  • CDS 303 Expressions of Diversity: Performance and Cultural Resistance
  • 400 Capstone

Concentrations/Tracks (20 units)

* To complete the Comparative Diversity Studies concentration/track students must select one course from each of the four concentrations/tracks and one additional course.


Student can minor in a concentration/track.

To minor in Comparative Diversity Studies student must complete 20 units, one course from each of the four concentrations/tracks and an additional course.

Note: The specialized tracks in the CDS major necessarily overlap with existing Diversity Studies minors, but students cannot simultaneously acquire a minor in the track they choose for the major. Students may take the CDS major and an additional Diversity minor not covered in depth in their major - e.g. a CDS major specializing in African American Studies may also take the Gender and Sexualities Studies minor as long as there are no more than two courses overlapping.

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Critical Diversity Studies

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