Minor in Public Relations

The Minor in Public Relations requires 5 courses (20 units); one Communication Studies foundation course and four courses in Public Relations.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate competency in the standard principles and practices of public relations professionals
  • apply academic and industry theories and tools to frame, analyze, and creatively solve public relations crises and problems
  • evaluate the legal and ethical implications of public relations and engage in practices that are professional, civically engaged, and in the mutual interest of the organization and community


20 units

Foundations (4 UNITS - 1 course)

  • COMS 202 Rhetoric and the Public Sphere
  • COMS 203 Communication and Everyday Life
  • COMS 204 Communication and Culture

Public Relations (16 UNITS)

  • COMS 320 Public Relations Principles and Practices
  • COMS 322 Advertising Public Relations Law and Ethics
  • COMS 323 Public Relations Writing
  • COMS 326 Public Relations Campaigns