Minor in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Minor requires completion of 20 units that are subdivided into three areas: Foundations (8 units); Methods (4 units); and Advanced Area Studies (8 units).

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • articulate and define major theories and concepts used in the study of communication
  • demonstrate the ability to select and analyze text(s), collect and analyze data, and answer research questions and/or test hypotheses


20 units

Foundations (8 units - 2 courses)

  • COMS 202 - Rhetoric and the Public Sphere
  • COMS 203 - Communication and Everyday Life
  • COMS 204 - Communication and Culture

Methods (4 units - 1 courses)

  • COMS 252 - Critical and Rhetorical Methods
  • COMS 253 - Quantitative Research Methods
  • COMS 254 - Qualitative Methods

Advanced Area Studies (8 units - 2 courses)

For the complete list of Advanced Area Studies courses, please refer to the Communication Studies major requirements.

Note: No more than one (1) Public Relations course may count towards the Communication Studies minor. No more than four (4) units of Directed Study may count towards the Communication Studies minor. Students double-minoring in Communication Studies and Public Relations may not double-count Advanced Area courses for the Minors. Students majoring or minoring in Advertising (ADVT) can only double-count COMS 202 Rhetoric and the Public Sphere.