Major in Asian Studies with Philippine Concentration


40 units

Gateway Courses (12 UNITS)

1 in History, 1 in Philosophy or Religious Studies, and 1 in Politics

  • HIST 130 East Asian Civilizations
  • HIST 135 Indian Civilizations
  • PHIL 220 Asian Philosophy
    THRS 366 Religion and Spirituality in Asia
  • POLS 113 Introduction to International Politics
  • POLS 359 International Politics of the Asia Pacific Rim

Electives (20 UNITS)

  • YPSP 301 Philippine History from Pre-Spanish Times to 1900
  • YPSP 310 Philippine History: 1900-Present
  • YPSP 312 Knowledge Activism
  • YPSP 323 Filipino Politics and Justice
  • YPSP 324 USF in the The Philippines
  • YPSP 324 Photo(graphy): Literature and Visual Image
  • YPSP 325 Filipino Culture and Society
  • YPSP 390 Special Topics: Philippine Studies
  • YPSP 398 Directed Study
  • ART 316 Filipino American Arts

Regional Breadth (4 UNITS)

From the courses chosen as electives, at least one course must be in an area outside the student's primary focus. For example, if the primary focus is the Philippines, the Regional Breadth course should deal with similar themes in China, Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, or Asian and Pacific Islander American Studies.

Students are encouraged to select one course (4 units) from the following:

  • ECON 283 Economies of Southeast and East Asia
  • ENGL 211 Asian American Literature Survey
  • ART 307 Asian Art
  • POLS 346 Government and Politics of India and Southeast Asia
  • POLS 347 Government and Politics of China and East Asia
  • HIST 386 History of U.S.-China Relations
  • HIST 387 History of U.S.-Japan Relations
  • PSYC 317 Asian American Psychology
  • SOC 228 Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Society

Capstone Project (4 UNITS)

Students from throughout the major will converge on the study of selected issues and topics, to be determined by the professor (or professors) directing the Capstone project. Faculty will rotate teaching duties for the Capstone, to be offered each Spring.

  • YPSP 390 Special Topics: Philippine Studies

Service Learning/Internship

Students will have multiple opportunities to engage in projects that provide service learning. Faculty advisers will work closely with the USF Office of Community Service and Service Learning so as to maximize available resources.

Internships develop naturally out of the service learning experience and may qualify as a directed study elective. Other intern opportunities may result from a particular class or professor. These will not replace the service learning requirement but may complement it or the student's areas of interest in other ways. All internships must be approved by faculty advisers and may qualify as directed study projects if student and advisers agree in advance upon goals and requirements.

The following Philippine Studies courses meet this requirement:

  • YPSP 312 Knowledge Activism
  • YPSP 323 Filipino Politics and Justice
  • YPSP 324 USF in the The Philippines
  • SOC 228 Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Society

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Program in Asian Studies

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