Major in Fine Arts

The Fine Arts major is dedicated to providing students with both traditional and modern skills as they address established and contemporary concepts in a studio setting under the guidance and mentorship of professional artists. Course offerings include in-depth study in diverse painting and drawing media, sculpture in wood, ceramics, fiber and mixed media, indoor and outdoor installation, a variety of printmaking techniques, mural, stained glass, and a senior portfolio class.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • gain solid historical knowledge of the objects of art and principal artists of all major periods, and their associated theories, analysis and criticism, including a broad understanding of the cultural diversity of art movements from prehistoric times through contemporary culture, both locally and globally
  • gain an understanding of basic visual principles, concepts, media, and formats in the various fine art disciplines, and the ability to apply them to meet a specific objective, including an ability to think critically and propose creative solutions to aesthetic problems
  • gain a deep appreciation and knowledge of how to use their skills to work with diverse communities both locally and globally to create social change, including the acquisition of professional skills that will serve them as post-graduate students, professional practitioners, educators, and community leaders
  • gain knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, technologies, and processes sufficient to conduct advanced research or project work, including the mastery of bibliographic research and understanding of the digital tools and processes necessary to develop that research


48 units

Required (40 UNITS)

  • ART 101 Survey of Western Art History I
  • ART 102 Survey of Western Art History II
  • ART 120 Art Fundamentals
  • ART 210 Drawing I
  • ART 155 Visual Communication
  • ART 220 Painting I
  • ART 230 Sculpture I
  • ART 280 Digital Photography I
  • ART 470 Fine Arts Senior Studio
  • ART 487/488 Artist as Citizen

Electives (8 UNITS)

  • ART 235 Color Theory
  • ART 240 Printmaking I
  • ART 250 Stained Glass I
  • ART 305 Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ART 310 Drawing II
  • ART 320 Painting II
  • ART 330 Sculpture II
  • ART 340 Printmaking II
  • ART 360 Mural Painting
  • ART 370 Installation/Public Art
  • ART 420 Art and Business
  • ART 390 Special Topics