Minor in Design

The Minor in Design allows students of different majors to learn introductory visual communication skills that can be applied to their project work in other disciplines.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • apply skills to generate design work through methodologies of process, production, and experimentation
  • synthesize design research and scholarship in history, theory and criticism
  • demonstrate fluency with diverse media and their accompanying technologies, along with the ability to accommodate new technologies as they emerge


20 units


Must be taken before electives

  • ART 140 Design Fundamentals
  • ART 155 Visual Communication I
  • ART 175 Visual Communication II

Electives (2-courses)

  • ART 110 History of Design
  • ART 205 Typography
  • ART 252 Publication Design
  • ART 301 Design and Social Change Seminar
  • ART 304 Sustainable Systems in Design Seminar
  • ART 315 Digital Media Design
  • ART 335 Information Visualization
  • ART 371 Copy Culture
  • ART 385 Interaction Design