Major in Design

The program integrates coursework in graphic design, digital media design, and environmental design into a dynamic interdisciplinary studio concentration. By practicing design in an expanded field, students gain comprehensive experience with a wide range of process-oriented skills, including conceptual development, visual rhetoric, formal experimentation, and critical thinking.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • apply skills to generate design work through methodologies of process, production, and experimentation
  • synthesize design research and scholarship in history, theory and criticism
  • demonstrate fluency with diverse media and their accompanying technologies, along with the ability to accommodate new technologies as they emerge
  • articulate the role of design and the function of the designer as a leader in the social, cultural, and political landscape
  • engage in the practice of design professionalism and collaboration


49 units


    • ART 101 Survey of Western Art History I
      ART 102 Survey of Western Art History II
    • ART 104 Fabrication Lab (1 unit course)
    • ART 110 History of Design
    • ART 140 Design Fundamentals
    • ART 155 Visual Communication I
    • ART 175/275 Visual Communication II
    • ART 205 Typography
    • ART 315 Digital Media Design
    • ART 480 Professional Practice in Design
    • ART 450 Design Internship
    • ART 460 Senior Design Project


Design Studio Electives (2 course)

      • ART 252/357 Publication Design
      • ART 335 Information Visualization
      • ART 345 Exhibition Design Practicum
      • ART 350 Advanced Typography
      • ART 371 Copy Culture
      • ART 385 Interaction Design

additional special topics, see program director

Design Seminar Electives (1 course)

      • ART 301 Design + Social Change Seminar
      • ART 304 Sustainable Systems in Design

additional special topics, see program director

Additional Recommended Course

      • ART 365 Design Activism Service Learning

Minimum Grade Requirements

Students majoring or minoring in Design must obtain a minimum grade of a "C-" (C minus) in all required Design courses in order to receive credit for that course toward the major/minor. If the minimum C- grade is not achieved and the course is a prerequisite for a higher-level course, the student may not register for the higher-level course until the prerequisite course is repeated and a C- minimum grade is achieved.