Major in Art History/Arts Management

The program offers students the knowledge, skills and life experience they will need to become successful professionals in the art world and to prepare those who plan to continue their studies in graduate programs in Arts Management, Museum Studies, or Art History.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will gain:

  • solid historical knowledge of the objects of art and principal artists of all major periods, and their associated theories, analysis and criticism, including broad understanding of the cultural diversity of art movements from prehistoric times through contemporary culture, both locally and globally
  • an understanding of basic visual principles, concepts, media, and formats in the various fine art disciplines, and the ability to apply them to meet a specific objective, including an ability to think critically and propose creative solutions to aesthetic problems
  • a deep appreciation and knowledge of how to use their skills to work with diverse communities both locally and globally to create social change, including the acquisition of professional skills that will serve them as post-graduate students, professional practitioners, educators, and community leaders
  • knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, technologies, and processes sufficient to conduct advanced research or project work, including the mastery of bibliographic research and understanding of the digital tools and processes necessary to develop that research


48 units

Required (20 units)

  • ART 101 Survey of Western Art History I
  • ART 102 Survey of Western Art History II
  • ART 120 Art Fundamentals
  • ART 104 Fabrication Lab
  • ART 155 Visual Communication
  • ART 200 Museum Studies I

Electives (28 units)

Pre-Modern Western Art History (2 minimum)

  • ART 302 Renaissance Art
  • ART 303 Baroque Art: From Rome to Versailles
  • ART 311 Medieval Art and Society
  • ART 390 Special Topics: with Pre-Modern Focus

Modern/Contemporary Art History (2 minimum)

  • ART 305 Modern and Contemporary Art
  • ART 306 Women and Art
  • ART 312 Modern Japanese Art
  • ART 363 Triumph of Impressionism
  • ART 390 Special Topics: with Modern/Contemporary Focus
  • ARCD 101
    ARCD 102
    ARCD 203
    ARCD 204: History of Architecture sequence I-IV

Non-Western/Global Art History (1 minimum)

  • ART 214 Islamic Art
  • ART 307 Asian Art
  • ART 308 African Art
  • ART 390 Special Topics with Non-Western Focus

Internships (variable units)

Must complete 2 of the 3 topics; juniors & seniors only

  • ART 421 Museum Internship
  • ART 422 Commercial Gallery Internship
  • ART 423 Non-Profit Arts Internship
    ART 488 Artist as Citizen