Asian Pacific American Studies

The program highlights the Asian Pacific America legacy of struggle and their ongoing contributions to American culture and democracy. Represented disciplines include psychology, sociology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies, among others. The program also administers internships and requires service-learning courses that will provide access to numerous Asian Pacific American organizations in the region.



2 courses in sequence

  • SOC 228 Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Society
  • ENGL 405 Capstone Seminar: Asian American Studies
    COMS 405 Capstone Seminar: Asian American Studies


3 elective courses. Courses in Ethnic Studies or Asian Studies that have an Asian Pacific American Studies component may fulfill 1 elective course requirement with permission of the Faculty Coordinator.

  • COM 315 Asian American Culture and Communications
  • ENGL 195 FYS Chinese American Literature in San Francisco
  • ENGL 211 Asian American Literature Survey
  • PHIL 275 Asian American Philosophy
  • POLS 369 Asian Politics, Activism, and Justice
  • PSYC 317 Asian American Psychology
  • RHET 195 FYS Language and Power: The Rhetoric of Nationalism and Social Justice
  • SOC 195 FYS Gangsters, Geeks and Geishas
  • SOC 240 People of Mixed Descent
  • SOC 375 Contemporary Asian American Issues
  • THTR 312 Asian American Performance and Culture
  • YPSP 325 Filipino Culture and Society

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Asian Pacific American Studies

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