Statement of Responsibilities and Standards of Conduct

As a Jesuit institution, USF is committed to being a community that facilitates the holistic development of its members.

In keeping with this commitment, the student conduct code, process and related policies and procedures have been created to guarantee each student’s freedom to learn and to protect the fundamental rights of the campus community.  The University has created these policies and procedures to achieve its objectives as a Catholic, Jesuit University. These policies and procedures are inclusive of the laws of the nation, the state of California, and the local community.

This commitment encourages the freedom for individual choice and expression with the expectation that individual members of the community will be honest; demonstrate respect for self, others, the law and University policies and procedures.

All members of the USF community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the institution and demonstrate respect for self, others, and their property. Students living off campus are members of this community and, as such, are representatives of USF to the community at large. In this regard, students living off campus maintain an equal measure of accountability to the values and expectations of all members of this community as identified in the Student Conduct Code.

Whether living in or passing through the campus neighborhoods, or parking in the streets around campus, students are expected to adhere to the same high standards of conduct and behavior that are consistent with the students' developing role as responsible and accountable citizens and reflect well upon the USF community.

Student Conduct System

The President delegates general supervision for matters of student conduct and disciplinary procedures to the Vice Provost for Student Life. Specific responsibility and authority for the student conduct process is assigned to the Director of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. Trained staff members who serve as resolution officers or investigators can review student conduct matters.  The Director or designee determines which course of action will be taken based on the nature of the conduct.

The University of San Francisco’s conduct process is designed as an educational process.  Students are expected to cooperate and be responsible for participating throughout the entire conduct process.  Educational and other developmental sanctions are employed to help students develop individual responsibility, to encourage self-discipline, to foster respect for others, and to protect the rights, freedoms and safety of all members of the campus community.

The student conduct process is different than civil or criminal processes.  The procedures and rights of the student conduct process are not identical to the rights afforded the accused in a civil or criminal proceeding, however, they are conducted with fairness to all involved. Formal rules of evidence will not apply, and deviations from the prescribed procedures, or errors in their application, will not in themselves invalidate a decision or proceeding, or constitute grounds to withhold conduct action unless significant prejudice to the accused may result, or the errors were such as to have prevented a fair and just determination of the issues. All time limits imposed or recommended within these procedures may be changed for good cause or reason as determined by the Director or designee.

The communication of student conduct procedures will occur via the student’s University email account.  Students will be held accountable for retrieving mail from their email account.  Failure to do so is not an acceptable excuse for delaying the student conduct process and may result in a decision being made in the student’s absence.

Student Conduct Procedures

Please refer to for a complete description of the Student Conduct procedures.