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Bachelor of Health Services (BHS)

The purpose of the program is to prepare the graduate for a career in an increasingly dynamic healthcare environment, provide a foundation for professional and personal growth, assume a position of leadership, and afford a basis for graduate study.

Graduates of the program will be able:

  • Evaluate and utilize organizational, operational, and management skills common in healthcare environments
  • Analyze the effectiveness of healthcare delivery in a varied and changing environments
  • Implement evidence-based approaches to respond to healthcare issues
  • Analyze the leadership responsibilities of the healthcare professional for developing, organizing, and managing programs responsive to contemporary issues
  • Utilize effective teaching-learning strategies for patient and healthcare professionals and to advance healthcare education
  • Identify and integrate cultural sensitivity in healthcare systems
  • Identify and assume personal accountability for ethical, political, and legal concerns in healthcare practice
  • Analyze how various funding sources and system affect healthcare delivery
  • Apply concepts from healthcare informatics and current technologies within the healthcare environment
  • Expand knowledge and skills in specific topics or professional roles in healthcare practice