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INTD  310 - Interdisciplinary Research and Writing (4)

Offers a comprehensive overview of the critical and expository skills needed by students to conduct research and write essays at the college level. To prepare students for the Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment (ISA) essay writing process, there is targeted focus on autobiographical writing within the larger context of academic writing. For ISA essays, students will learn to integrate their personal experience with their chosen subject and apply interpretative scholarly resource material appropriate for college-level learning. Students will have workshop opportunities to develop experience-based essays for the ISA.
• Restricted to Management Majors;

INTD  311 - Ethics and Society (4)

In the movement from self, to society, to global citizenship, students investigate their ethical context and develop their ethical voice. This course applies ethical principles to contemporary issues as they arise in culture, organizations, and in personal life. Drawing on major ethical theories and on strategies of logical argument, students learn how to apply ethical theory to moral dilemmas.
• Restricted to Management Majors;