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Organizational Behavior and Leadership Major

Department Chair:   Linda Henderson Ph. D. 

The Organizational Behavior and Leadership (OBL) major will prepare you to assume leadership roles that are essential to meet the challenges and uncertainty confronting today’s organizations. The OBL program is structured to equip you with the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and tools you need to facilitate the performance of the organizations where you serve.

The curriculum focuses on the theoretical frameworks and practical applications for exploring and explaining human behavior in the workplace, providing a broad perspective so you can go beyond your accepted ways of interacting and working with others. Through classroom emphasis on critical thinking and independent judgment, you will learn to be an active investigator of organizational life while you develop the conceptual and problem-solving skills that an organizational leader needs to plan, organize, and inspire a group or an entire organization.


Required (12 credits)
Electives (select 8 credits from the following)