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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Major

Department Chair: Mark V. Cannice, Ph.D.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the global epicenter of new venture creation, technology innovation, and venture capital. The USF Entrepreneurship and Innovation Major is designed to prepare students to become creative, thoughtful, and determined professionals who are able to apply their analytical skills in developing well-planned and socially responsible ventures and innovations which they can persuasively present to executive audiences.

E&I students will develop skills in physical and on-line design, entrepreneurial planning and communication, and gain entrepreneurial and innovative experience with E&I faculty guidance. Students will be able to tailor their Entrepreneurship and Innovation Major with course selections that include Entrepreneurial Finance, Family Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley Immersion, and Thought Leadership in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, among others.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to pitch a new business venture plan before a professional panel of Silicon Valley executives and investors in the capstone entrepreneurial management class.

Learning Outcomes

E&I students will build capability in following areas:

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Applied Design for products and services
  • Technology and Online Business expertise (e.g. business website development and on-line tools)
  • Entrepreneurial Planning – Financial, Marketing, Strategic (e.g. business plan)
  • Entrepreneurial and Innovative Experience in area of interest (e.g. start-up, social venture, family business)


(Business Core plus 20 or more credits of E&I electives and "Entrepreneurial Management" Capstone BUS 406 and minimum 100 hours E&I internship practicum experience as approved by E&I Faculty Mentor)

E&I Required Courses (8 credits) - complete the two classes listed below:
E&I Electives (12 credits)- select three or more classes from among the following:
E&I Required Capstone (4 credits)- Complete the capstone course listed below: