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Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) Program

Designed for working professionals seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree, the University of San Francisco offers a Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM). Students learn to balance theory and practice to become effective managers within all sectors of organizational life. 

Curriculum Overview

Students take 44 credits of upper-division management coursework for the major. Students in the BSM program also have the opportunity to earn up to 21 tuition-free credits towards general elective and some University Core requirements through Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment (ISA). 

The McLaren School of Management continually updates its curriculum to satisfy the latest AACSB requirements and to assure that its students receive the full experience of studying at an excellent liberal arts university. Recognizing our students as individuals with unique interests and talents, the faculty have designed the business curriculum to support the focus and breadth each individual student requires. Course requirements are divided into the following areas:

  1. University Core Curriculum
  2. Interdisciplinary Studies (including the Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment)
  3. Management Core
  4. Electives/Specialization

Interdisciplinary Studies (8 credits)

INTD 310 Interdisciplinary Research and Writing (4 credits)

INTD 311 Ethics and Society (4 credits)

Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment

The Interdisciplinary Research and Writing (INTD 310) course helps students develop experiential research-based essays that may be applied toward university core curriculum and general elective credits. Submitted research essays are evaluated by leading faculty and researchers in the areas of study. Essays are evaluated on a credit/no credit basis with students earning three credits for essays meeting the academic learning outcomes.

Management Core (20 credits)

BSM 301 Public Policy & Regulatory Environment (4 credits)

BSM 302 Marketing Fundamentals & Strategies (4 credits)

BSM 303 Systems & Technology (2 credits)

BSM 304 Foundations of Organizations & Management (4 credits)

BSM 306 Business Analytics Fundamentals (4 credits)

BSM 326 Financial Accounting Fundamentals (2 credits)

Electives/Specialization (16 credits)

For elective/specialization information, please view the BSM web page at