Master of Science in Healthcare Simulation

Simulation in healthcare has emerged as a novel approach to educating and training professionals. As simulation labs have expanded, individuals who understand the educational and administrative aspects will be key to their continued success.

For all applicants who hold a Baccalaureate degree, regardless of major, this two-year master’s degree in Healthcare Simulation offers educational theory, research methodology and financial management strategies to prepare students for future leadership in simulation-related careers.

The Healthcare Simulation master's program learning outcomes:

  1. Implement current simulation organizational standards in curriculum design and teaching
  2. Integrate educational principles into simulation practice
  3. Distinguish effective, psychomotor and cognitive learning strategies in simulation education
  4. Appraise evaluation tools for utility in simulation education
  5. Create innovative education designs for interprofessional practice
  6. Analyze sustainable business plans for the operation of a simulation lab or program