Master of Arts in Sport Management

Program Learning Outcomes

  • recognize, classify, and demonstrate knowledge of the breadth and depth of the sport marketplace, including the development of leadership, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and networking skills
  • recognize, discuss, and demonstrate knowledge of globalization, themed entertainment, culture, sociology, and commerce on the sport marketplace with the development of critical thinking skills
  • demonstrate skills in business writing, research, and qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • demonstrate practical management and leadership skills within the industry
  • recognize the role of economics, accounting, finance, marketing, strategic management, law, and business research methods in sport, and demonstrate and apply the tools of those fields to issues in sport
  • demonstrate relevant knowledge by creating a business plan, team financial plan, marketing plan, cultural analysis, team management plan, stock portfolio prospectus, strategy plan, career plan, legal analysis, research prospectus, and Master's Project
  • demonstrate knowledge of specific components of sport management such as public relations, facilities management, fundraising, and brand management


36 units

  • SM 602 Leadership and Critical Thinking in Sport Management
  • SM 601 Sport, Culture and Society
  • SM 604 Sport Economics and Finance
  • SM 607 Accounting and Budgeting in Sport
  • SM 606 Strategic Management and Human Resources in Sport
  • SM 612 Sport Marketing
  • SM 603 Sport Law
  • SM 605 Sport Business Research Methods
  • SM 615 Applied Sport Business Research
  • SM 608 Internship in Sport Management
  • SM 690 Special Topics in Sport Management
  • SM 614 Master's Project

Contact Info

San Francisco

Brent R von Forstmeyer, Director of Administration

Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 241 (415) 422-2678

Contact Info

Orange County

Ashley Sloper, Associate Director

480 South Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92868 (714) 633-5626