Master in Migration Studies

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • critically analyze the theories, concepts, and research findings in migration studies from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • evaluate the role of governments and civil society organizations in community representation, policy creation, and resource allocation in relation to migration and mobility
  • apply knowledge of the humane, legal, and political characteristics of migration as a social reality and create related social interventions
  • plan, generate, and interpret a research study on an important issue in migration studies
  • develop field studies among migrant communities to understand realities, dynamics and logics of migration


31 units

The Master in Migration Studies lasts four semesters over two calendar years. The second semester can be completed at USF or the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

Required courses

  • MIMS 601 Introduction to Migration Studies (3 units)
  • MIMS 602 Research Methods (3 units)
  • MIMS 610 Migratory Mobility: Theoretical and Practical Analyses (3)
  • MIMS 603 Public Policy and Social Implications of Migration (3)
  • MIMS 604 Identities and Cultural Manifestations of Migration (3)
  • MIMS 605 Research Seminar I (1)
  • MIMS 606 Research Seminar II (1)
  • MIMS 608 Research Seminar III (1)
  • MIMS 609 Research Seminar IV (1)
  • MIMS 690 Special Topics (four 3 unit courses)

Final Requirement

  • Final publishable article or applied project.

Contact Info

Migration Studies

Aide Rodriguez, Program Manager

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