Master of Arts in International Studies

The program provides a comprehensive perspective on international issues, including globalization, development, peace and conflict, regional problems, human rights and international law that prepares students for careers in international affairs, including non-governmental organizations, foreign service, and international organizations.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Understand the major structural, cultural, and relational shifts that have emerged in response to globalization from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, with a special emphasis on non-state actors
  • identify key organizations, institutions, and global and regional norms and how they interact with sub-state forces to shape policy, advocacy, and social movements
  • develop an understanding of the diverse aspects of global civil society and the political, economic, legal, environmental, social and cultural forces that are shaping contemporary global issues through the local-global connection.
  • demonstrate an ability to critically engage categories of cultural difference and diversity and evaluate their influence on contemporary phenomenon
  • utilize mixed research methodologies, an interdisciplinary perspective, and community engagement skills to analyze key issues in international studies


34 units

Foundation Courses (18 units)

  • Critical Social Theory in Global Perspective (4)
  • Graduate Writing Seminar (2)
  • Research Methods and Project Design (4)
  • Capstone Course (4)

One of the following based on student’s concentration

  • Human Rights, Governance, and Global Justice (4)
  • Development, Sustainability, and the Environment (4)
  • Culture, Identities, and Social Change (4)

Concentration Electives (8 units)

Two courses

  • concentration elective I (4)
  • concentration elective II (4)

Skills Electives (4 units)

Two 2 unit courses or one 4 unit course

  • skills class I
  • skills class II

Additional Requirements

  • one additional skills course (4)
    or concentration elective (4)
  • 4th semester college-level language or equivalent
  • Internship (120 hours)

Contact Info

MA in International Studies

Christie Meno, Administrative Director

Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 213, 2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-1084 (415) 422-5122