Master of Science in Environmental Management

Courses provide the essential skills and foundations of the program and students prepare and complete a master's project with a practical application to the environmental field.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from the MSEM program will be able to:

  • demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach in analysis of environmental issues and management strategies.
  • utilize both theory and applied knowledge to evaluate and recommend management strategies for environmental issues.
  • choose and apply appropriate tools, techniques, and technologies to analyze environmental issues.
  • skillfully communicate environmental management issues through written reports and oral and visual presentations.


30 units

Twenty-six of the units are completed through 13 courses (2 units each). The master's project is an additional four graduate units.

Students select an appropriate course of study in consultation with a faculty adviser.

Students develop their master's project as an in-depth study of an environmental issue in their area of interest. The project hones the skills essential to environmental management: problem identification and definition; review, organization and analysis of relevant literature and research; and presentation of justifiable recommendations.

Contact Info

MS Environmental Management

Sindy Vela, Program Manager

Harney Science Center 426 (415) 422-4119