BA/BS-Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies Program

Administrative Office
Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 185
Phone: (415) 422-2229
Ken Kopp, Associate Director, Center for the Pacific Rim

The BA/BS-Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies (BA/BS MAPS) Program gives undergraduates the opportunity to satisfy up to 20 of the 36 units required for the Master's in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS) degree while pursuing their Bachelor's degree at USF. Students who take full advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the BA-MAPS Program can save at least a year's time and tuition while earning both a BA and the MA in Asia Pacific Studies.

BA-MAPS students can get both graduate AND undergraduate credit for up to 12 units of Asian language (Chinese or Japanese) courses taken at USF. When BA-MAPS students enter their senior year in good standing, and with at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, they may enroll in one MAPS graduate seminar (which also counts as upper division credit) in each of their last two semesters. If the student earns a grade of at least "B" in these seminars, they will also be accepted for credit towards the 36-unit MAPS degree.

Eligible undergraduate Chinese and Japanese units include all but literature in translation courses. The two graduate seminars taken in the BA-MAPS student's senior year are 0185-601, Comparative Modernization of East Asia (4 units, History; Fall), and 0185-605, Cultures of East Asia (4 units, Philosophy/Religion; Spring).