ARCD 498

Thesis Preparation Seminar

This 2-unit course supports the ARCD Honors student to conceptualize and prepare an honors thesis proposal, including the specific aims, hypotheses, context and significance, design and methods, and analysis strategy. The importance of organizational skills, time management, collaboration, corrective criticism and editing will be emphasized. The Honors Thesis allows the student to pursue a topic of study over their final two semesters to produce thoughtful, thorough and innovative solutions which can make true contributions to their field. The Honors thesis projects are likely to be in one of three categories: 1) experimental research to determine behavior of an innovative building material or technique, 2) architectural/landscape/urban design to address a unique socio‐economic, environmental or cultural design problem, or 3) a critical written document synthesizing and exploring a theoretical or aesthetic condition arising from an environmental design problem. All projects are expected to address issues of social and/or environmental justice.

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