BUS 465

Marketing Analytics

This course covers the essential decision models and strategic metrics that form the cornerstone of marketing analytics. Using the insight gained in the course, students can assist companies in understanding the marketing mix and predict the outcome of marketing plans to boost return on marketing investment (ROMI). The course emphasizes case studies and hands-on learning so students can immediately apply the tools and techniques in their organizations. A variety of relevant topics are discussed, such as cluster analysis, market sizing, forecasting and positioning, conjoint analysis and new product development, promotion budget allocation, profit maximization, lifetime customer value, and web analytics.

Prerequisite: BUS 360 with a minimum grade of C and (BUS 302 with a minimum grade of D or BUS 492 with a minimum grade of D) and (BUS 204 with a minimum grade of B or BUS 294 with a minimum grade of B)

Restriction: Class restricted to Senior