BAIS 399

BAIS Internship

The purpose of this course is to provide students in International Studies with the opportunity to expand their learning beyond the classroom and into the community. Though many of the topics BAIS students consider take place on faraway shores, there are a host of local non-profit organizations that are engaged in issues such as development economics, ecological justice, human trafficking, and refugees, among other topics. This course fulfills the USF service learning requirement because you will be working in a non-profit environment that provides a service to the community and to the world. However, this experience should also allow students to see how their knowledge gleaned as USF can be put to work in the world at large. The internship will introduce students to active organizations working on international issues and it will allow them to develop patterns of professional behavior as well as providing some connections and useful job experience. As a result of this course, students will gain knowledge of the organizational structures not only of their own community partner, but of others where fellow students are interns. Discussions and reflections during class time will provide an outlet to enrich your own experience and to learn what others are facing in their internships.

Course Teachers