BUS 379

Special Topics: Entrepreneurship

Product Engineering: Working with engineers can often be challenging because it seems like they are speaking a completely different language. This course will give non-technical students a broad scope of engineering knowledge so that they can collaborate with engineers more effectively throughout their careers. Working in small groups, students will literally “get their hands dirty” as they build a physical product, learn and apply basic engineering principles, and develop the ability to approach problems with an “engineering mindset.” This course counts as an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Elective as well as a Business Administration and general elective. Interdisciplinary Software Development Team: Students from the School of Management will work with Computer Science 490 students on a regular basis over the semester as members of software development teams. The course will be taught concurrently with the Computer Science 490 capstone class (see description below). This project-oriented course will offer business students the opportunity to participate in the design and implementation of a software project to meet the defined, real-world needs of an external organization. It will involve business students in a multi-disciplinary team experience and provide an exposure to the process, roles, and communication needed for successful operation of an interdisciplinary team. This opportunity will allow SOM students to contribute their business-related skills and knowledge to a technical enterprise and will afford them an in-depth exposure to the software design process. 379-03 Entrepreneurial Business Development and Sales: Entrepreneurial Business Development and Sales is an applied course where students will learn the art and science of selling to include generating leads, qualifying prospects, presenting compelling solutions, and closing; all essential skills in organizations of all sizes and missions. Students also learn how to create a complete go-to-market strategy for an entrepreneurial venture based on market maturity and unique value proposition.

Restriction: Class restrictions exclude Freshman