ART 362

Art for Educators

Arts for Educators is an interdisciplinary course for future elementary classroom teachers and students desiring an overview of the visual and performing arts. This course will offer students critical perspectives on arts education and hands-on experience in music, theater, dance/movement and visual art, with the goal of preparing them for reflective, culturally inclusive integration of the arts into the academic curriculum. The guiding framework for students’ examination of arts education theory and practice originates from the California Visual and Performing Arts (CA VAPA) Content Standards and the professor’s experience in the education and arts disciplines. The CA VAPA Standards include: 1) artistic perception, 2) creative expression, 3) understanding the cultural and historical origins of the arts, 4) pursuing meaning in the arts, and 5) making informed judgments about the arts. The course will culminate in student presentations of integrated arts units.

Course Teachers