CHEM 333

Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab

This course builds on the principles and techniques learned in the year-long organic chemistry laboratory for the synthesis, purification, and characterization of organic compounds. In addition to providing additional experience with basic lab techniques (e.g., thin-layer chromatography, extraction, distillation), this course introduces more advanced techniques that include inert-atmosphere manipulations (e.g., syringe, vacuum manifold,), low temperature set-ups, flash column chromatography and computational modelling. the course will also provide a forum to learn more sophisticated principles of spectral interpretation (2D NMR) and to learn how to write an American Chemical Society manuscript.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: CHEM 231 with a minimum grade of C and CHEM 233 with a minimum grade of C or CHEM 234 with a minimum grade of C;

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