ENVS 325

California Ecosystems w/Lab

This course will explore the diversity of ecosystems found throughout California with a focus on plant ecology. Students will be introduced to main concepts and current research in plant ecology in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Course content will highlight how the availability of water, nutrients, light, interactions with neighboring plants or animals, and the frequency of disturbances such as a fire interact to influence the plant communities or vegetation in an ecosystem. This course will also examine human impacts on California’s ecosystems, their management, and current state of restoration efforts. Emphasis will be placed on a holistic and hands-on approach to ecosystem ecology, using field trip exploration of ecosystems, laboratory exercises, and class discussions to reinforce scientific principles.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: (ENVS 100 with a minimum grade of C or ENVS 110 with a minimum grade of C) and ENVS 210 with a minimum grade of C;

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