MS 320

Digital Media Production

This course explores the web as a creative medium. Assignments in this class are designed to inspire critical and creative thinking about how the web is used in everyday life -- both personally and professionally -- as a tool for effective communication and interaction. Topics of discussion and training will include: how we use the web in everyday life; ethical considerations ( privacy, using other people's information, creating a safe web presence); ways that artists utilize the web as professionals; strategies for developing a personal web presence; developing a mission statement and wire frames; basic coding techniques using HTML and CSS; evaluating template tools like WordPress; and managing and presenting content online -- including text, photos, audio and video. Students will make digital media using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Flickr.

Prerequisite: MS 200 with a minimum grade of C or MS 205 with a minimum grade of C or MS 221 with a minimum grade of C or MS 222 with a minimum grade of C or MS 223 with a minimum grade of C