ART 303

Baroque Art:Rome to Versailles

This upper-division seminar examines topics in Baroque painting, sculpture and architecture, with special attention to the varied visual, cultural and religious traditions that flourished in and around some of the major urban areas of 17th-century Europe, including Rome, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Paris. Focusing on the works of Caravaggio, the Carracci, Bernini, Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Poussin, the course trains a special eye on issues such as the rise of the famed, international artist in the 17th-century, church and court patronage in the post-Tridentine period, the impact of the devastating Thirty Years’ War and the expansion of global exploration and trade on European artistic practice, and shifting conceptions of painting in the new Dutch Republic and the French court of Louis XIV.

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