BUS 302

Marketing Principles

This course examines the role of marketing in society and in the organization. It focuses on consumer behavior and the marketing mix product, price, promotion and distribution, and frame lectures. It emphasizes identifying and meeting consumer needs, developing effective marketing strategies and understanding how to apply these strategies in different situations. Throughout the class students address factors that are shaping today’s marketing landscape, including technological disruption, globalization and the contest for innovation and social impact.

Prerequisite: RHET 120 or RHET 126 or RHET 131 or RHET 195 or RHET 203 or RHET 205 or RHET 206 or RHET 208 or RHET 212 or RHET 214 or RHET 216 or RHET 250 or RHET 295 or RHET 304 or RHET 310 or RHET 320 or RHET 321 or RHET 323 or SII 120

Restriction: Restricted to Accounting, Advertising, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, General Business, Hospitality Industry Mgmt, Hospitality Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behav.& Ldrship and Undeclared Business Majors; Class restrictions exclude Freshman