BUS 204

Quantitative Business Analysis

Data analysis and modeling using spreadsheet software to support management decision making, including: simple and multiple regression models; forecasting; business simulation models; decision analysis; and optimization models for resource allocation. Windows Office 365 with most recent updates required.

Prerequisite: MATH 106 and (RHET 120 or RHET 126 or RHET 131 or RHET 195 or RHET 203 or RHET 205 or RHET 206 or RHET 208 or RHET 212 or RHET 214 or RHET 216 or RHET 250 or RHET 295 or RHET 304 or RHET 310 or RHET 320 or RHET 321 or RHET 323 or SII 120)

Restriction: Class restrictions exclude Freshman and Senior