MS 203

Cultural Industries

The course examines the expanding role that media and cultural industries and organizations play in contemporary U.S. and global societies. The course reviews the global system of information, culture and media industries and organizations, and in particular, the major trends affecting media professionals and cultural production practices. Major queries include: What tensions exist between media institutions as sites for public expression, information sharing and dialogue, and as commercial enterprises, and sites of political and economic power? When and how do these roles conflict, and how are these conflicts resolved? What role do students have in these issues? How do media institutions function as workplaces and sites for excellence in knowledge production and creativity? What factors influence full-time, freelance workers and citizen ‘producers’? What prospects do students have for developing fulfilling, life-long interests as creative producers? Students can engage with these questions through class lectures, discussions, field trips, guest speakers, course readings, research projects and assignments.

Prerequisite: MS 100 with a minimum grade of C

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