COMS 203

Communication & Everyday Life

This course examines how the communication experiences in daily life - interactions with friends, family, significant others, peers, and coworkers - are illuminated by interpersonal communication theory.  Throughout this course, students engage with a variety of materials designed to enhance both their analytic and experiential knowledge about everyday communication. Offered every semester.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: RCOM 120 or RHET 120 or RCOM 126 or RHET 126 or RCOM 131 or RHET 131 or RCOM 140 or RHET 140 or RCOM 195 or RHET 195 or RCOM 231 or RHET 231 or concurrent RCOM 250 or concurrent RHET 250 or SII 120 or concurrent RHET 295 or RHET 195;