RHET 120

Written Communication II

With a firm basis in the elements of rhetoric, critical reading, written argumentation, and library research established in RHET 110, students in RHET 120 learn to compose more ambitious arguments responding to and incorporating sources of greater number, length, complexity, and variety. In order to meet the demands of advanced academic discourse, students also (a) develop skills in critical analysis of challenging non-fiction prose texts from a range of disciplinary perspectives and subjects, with a particular focus on the linguistic and rhetorical strategies employed in these texts, and (b) conduct extensive library research in the process of planning and composing sophisticated academic papers. Students will also gain practice editing for stylistic fluency in accordance with conventions of advanced academic prose. Finally, students develop greater independence in formulating strategies for revision and expansion of written arguments. The minimum passing grade for this course is C-. This course fulfills Core A2, the University writing requirement.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: RCOM 110 or RHET 110 or RHET 110N;